Laps For Lindy is November 22nd!

Welcome to Laps for Lindy! Laps for Lindy is our major PTA fundraiser this year.

Our goal is $7000 for the Lion’s Pride Fund that supports school and family activities as well as large projects such as an Outdoor Classroom.


Laps for Lindy consists of School Spirit Days and an event where students will get outside and get moving as they walk “laps” around the Linden Hill playground. Each class will select theme, create a banner and dance to a song in the middle of the field with their classmates. Families are welcome to come out and cheer on all our LHE Lions!


Sponsorship: We will be sending home sponsorship forms and envelopes to collect donations. The goal is that students find friends/family/etc to “sponsor” their participation in Laps for Lindy on November 22nd.

Sponsors can CLICK HERE to make an online donation in your student’s name!